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What's going on!

Climate change

A CBCS Tuesday seminar presented by CBCS's own Dr April Reside titled "How do we plan for species conservation considering climate change? A case study of cockatoos"


Climate change adaptation for cockatoo species - Canberra Times article


New paper in Science

Allan, J. R., H. P. Possingham, S. C. Atkinson, A. Waldron, M. Di Marco, H. M. Butchart Stuart, V. M. Adams, W. D. Kissling, T. Worsdell, C. Sandbrook, G. Gibbon, K. Kumar, P. Mehta, M. Maron, B. A. Williams, K. R. Jones, B. A. Wintle, A. E. Reside, and J. E. M. Watson. 2022. The minimum land area requiring conservation attention to safeguard biodiversity. Science 376:1094-1101.

Black-throated Finch

Adani’s own count of endangered bird at mine shows ‘shocking’ drop - Brisbane Times article

Adani set to approve Adanis BTF plan - Radio National interview

Adani needs one more environmental approval after sign-off on black throated finch plan - ABC News article

Queensland coal mine could further endanger finch species Australian Geographic

Adani mine 'spinning the roulette wheel' on survival of black-throated finch, researchers say - ABC News


Queensland Treasury had doubts over viability of Adani's Carmichael mine
- ABC News

Qld Treasury repeatedly warned against Carmichael coal mine, documents reveal - ABC News

Galilee Basin Plans - ABC News


Adani Mining: Senior Queensland bureaucrats frozen out of government's Galilee Basin deal - ABC News

Black-throated finch down to the wire - Birdlife article

Carmichael mine may push rare bird to extinction, scientists warn Greg Hunt - the Guardian

Land clearing

Queensland's tree clearing rate compared to Brazil - ABC News

Land clearing on the rise as legal thinning proves far from clear cut - the Conversation

Land clearing rates in Queensland on par with Brazil, new study finds - ABC News

Queensland tree clearing - WWF busts myths spread by industry lobbyists - WWF

Land clearing accelerating across Queensland - Green Fire Science blog post


Biodiversity in Queensland being bulldozed to oblivion - ALERT Conservation

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