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Andrew Rogers

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Andrew's research interests include all things related to ecology in the Anthropocene. Specifically, he is interested in the following:

  • threatened species conservation and management,

  • invasive species impacts,

  • species use of urban environments,

  • how functional ecology informs species' response to threatening processes.  


Favorite bird: the Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus).

Least favourite bird: Ryan, the Grey Butcherbird that lives on the corner of Westerham and Brasted St in Taringa.


Controversial opinion: Effectively, all habitats are managed in some way or another, and landscapes could support a lot more biodiversity if we were willing to cull more species. Specifically, there's a whole lot of native birds we just don't need.  Also, bum bags are fashionable and an essential piece of field gear. 

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