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Laura Harms


My Honours project focuses on the habitat and distribution of the Endangered Condamine earless dragon, found in the eastern Darling Downs. Sadly the majority of this species’ native grassland habitat in has been cleared for agriculture, so it’s super important to find where they are still persisting and what they need to survive. With the help of species distribution and occupancy modelling (and a great deal of fieldwork), I hope to identify priority locations for their conservation as well as habitat characteristics to conserve. 


Prior to my Honours, I studied Ecology at UQ. I particularly fell in love with the Conservation field due to its interdisciplinary nature and real world impacts. I have always felt happiest when I feel connected to nature and so enjoy camping, hiking and looking for critters (particularly mammals). I’m currently an Events officer for the UQ Ecological society, where we take students on field trips to hopefully foster their love for nature also. 


My favourite animal is definitely the Tawny frogmouth - there are two that have roosted in my family’s backyard for 20+ years.

My controversial opinion is that small talk is exhausting and we shouldn’t avoid talking about the juicy stuff (like politics or the meaning of life) with strangers. 

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