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Lamuel Chi Hay Chung

PhD Candidate

Lamuel is a PhD candidate in the Wildlife Conservation Lab at The University of Queensland, under the supervision of Dr April Reside and Professor Stuart Phinn. His research utilized cloud computation platforms, machine learning, and citizen science to model Australian mammals’ dynamic habitat suitability across the continent.


Lamuel received his BA in Anthropology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2016), and MEnvM in Conservation Biology from The University of Queensland (2019) where he developed an immense interest in spatial ecology and remote sensing. Before returning to the university in 2022 as a PhD candidate, Lamuel worked as a Research Assistant for the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution of The City University of Hong Kong (2021-2022) and Ren Chao's Urban Climate Lab of The University of Hong Kong (2019-2021). His research and publications came across multi-disciplines, including ecology, geography, urban studies, artificial intelligence, etc. He is also an internationally awarded photographer and a keen hiker.




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Xie, J., Ren, C., Li, X., & Chung, L. C. H. (2022). Investigate the urban growth and urban-rural

gradients based on local climate zones (1999–2019) in the Greater Bay Area, China. Remote Sensing Applications, 25, 100669.


Chen, G., Xie, J., Li, W., Li, X., Chung, L. C. H., Ren, C., & Liu, X. (2021). Future "local climate

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Chung, L. C. H., Xie, J., & Ren, C. (2021). Improved machine-learning mapping of local

climate zones in metropolitan areas using composite Earth observation data in Google Earth Engine. Building and Environment, 199, 107879.

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