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Courtney Melton

PhD Candidate

Courtney completed a Bachelor of Environmental Management with Honours (2017) and a Doctor of Philosophy (2022) at The University of Queensland. She now works as a research ecologist for Bush Heritage Australia on a national project that merges her PhD research experience in managing key threatening processes and guiding habitat restoration for the conservation of the woodland bird community, with eco-acoustic methods. Courtney is passionate about threatened species conservation, a passion that was solidified by her first research project working with her then Honours supervisor Dr April Reside, on Critically Endangered Black-throated Finch.

Top birds: Willie Wagtails, Satin Flycatchers, Rufous Whistlers, White-throated Treecreepers, Red-winged Parrots, Australian Bustards, Speckled Warblers, Common Bronzewings and of course, Black-throated Finches.
Controversial Opinion: The most adorable frog is undoubtably the Southern Sandhill Frog.

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